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All About EMV

What is EMV?
EMV (Europay, MasterCard®, VISA®) is microcomputer chip technology that provides increased security capability. Chip card technology originated in Europe, and has been instrumental in helping prevent the spread of card present fraud.

How it Secures Card Information
EMV chip cards are inherently more secure due to card authentication, cardholder verification and transaction authorization features. Chip cards are equipped with a small metallic square on the front of the card that holds your information. This chip, known as a contact plate, houses your card information. When you use your card to make a purchase in a store, it is verified as soon as it is made, making it more difficult for fraudsters to obtain your information.

Magnetic Strip vs. Chip
What makes chip cards more secure than the magnetic strip that is currently in place on cards? EMV chip cards have the ability to encrypt data, which means that only authorized users can access your information. Having encryption technology in place makes it extremely difficult for fraudsters to access or use information stored on your card, and makes it very challenging to create duplicate cards. These capabilities help to protect against card fraud and provide an enhanced level of comfort when making purchases.

Additional Features
EMV chip cards come with dual-purpose technology to enhance your purchasing capabilities. You will still have the ability to make purchases using the magnetic strip on the back of your card, and will not need to have your card reissued once more merchants have EMV card readers in place. Additionally, EMV technology is supported in 80 countries abroad, making your purchase experience while traveling that much easier.


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