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Your Summer Vacation Fund

While summer is high season for traveling, you can still find ways to bond with your family or blow off steam without breaking the bank. Check out these budget friendly popular summer vacations.

Amusement parks
If your family is planning to flock to the nearest major amusement park when school lets out, start shopping for tickets now. Official websites will show you what to expect, but for some parks, you may be able to find discounted tickets from their authorized resellers’ sites.

To avoid going into debt once you arrive, do a little prep. Sunscreen, band-aids, a refillable water bottle—if there’s an item you might need that you’re allowed to bring, buy it ahead of time.

Road trips
Hitting the open road and exploring the country is a great way to spend a summer vacation. But while it’s cheaper than flying, costs can still add up. If you’re into the outdoors, avoid hotel charges and consider a trip where you can camp. Prefer to sleep in a bed? See if your credit card offers travel rewards points that you can use to drive down the cost of hotels.

To get the best deal on gas, download a gas finder app. These days, you can find several apps that use your location to identify the cheapest gas nearest to you. You may only save ten cents right now, but the savings add up over a multi-week trip.

Staycations / local attractions
If money is tight, turn your local city into a vacation destination. Find a deal on a nearby hotel, or stay home and plan a week of fun activities around town. Museums and zoos sometimes offer free days, while many movie theaters provide discounted family showtimes on weekdays. Also, check coupon sites for big deals on local restaurants and attractions. 

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Free BALANCEā„¢ Financial Fitness Webinar

BALANCE™ Financial Fitness offers free monthly financial webinars. Reserve your spot today for the June webinar!

Topic: Understanding Your Credit Score
A credit score can significantly impact your life. It can improve your chances of purchasing a home, buying a car, getting a credit card and more-but it can also hinder them.

This webinar reviews common credit scoring models, including FICO, Vantage, nontraditional, and bankruptcy risk. Participants will understand why these mathematical assessments were developed and how they can use them to their advantage. 
When: Tuesday, June 6
1:30pm - 2:30pm
Cost: FREE!

BALANCE™ Financial Fitness webinars are recorded and available for later viewing. Please note, webinar links expire after seven days.

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Our partner in providing free financial planning and counseling services for our membership is BALANCE™ Financial Fitness. Members may contact a BALANCE representative to receive free and personal financial counseling for home buying, college preparation, debt consolidation, retirement planning, and more. BALANCE will also help members interpret their credit reports, develop a debt repayment strategy, set up reliable payment schedules, negotiate with creditors to reduce payments, and much more. To speak with a BALANCE representative, call 1-888-456-2227 toll free or click on the BALANCE logo to access their website.


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