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We have been notified that CTFCU official checks have been counterfeited and are a part of a Secret Shopper Scam.  If a check is received with a letter instructing the individual to purchase gift cards, not to proceed and notify us immediately at

Visit the links below for information on how to protect yourself from secret shopper and gift card scams:

We encourage you to remain vigilant against fraudulent email and phone calls. Identity thieves are phishing for people’s personal information and playing on vulnerabilities during this time. Stay alert, and never give out your personal or account information by clicking on a link or talking to a caller whose identity you cannot verify. Remember, if we call you about a service request, our Carolina Trust representative will be able to verify your initial online request to us. Carolina Trust representatives will not request your account information through text or over the phone.

For additional information on how to protect yourself from scam artists and identity thieves please visit the links below:

General Information

Elder Financial Abuse

Spam Text Messages

Covid-19 Scams

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