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2022 CUNA Youth Month
Credit Union National Association Youth Month

Celebrate National Credit Union Youth Month this April to help promote lifelong healthy money habits. The official theme for this year’s National Credit Union Youth Month is “Save Small. Dream Big. at your credit union™, and one day you may have enough to fulfill a financial dream! ” This theme makes saving for the future fun and encourages younger members to create financial dreams and work hard to see them through.

Youth Month serves as a great annual opportunity to engage with our young members and show them that Carolina Trust is here to help them throughout their financial journey.

Youth Month Giveaway

In honor of CUNA Youth Month, Carolina Trust is giving three winners an astronomy kit and a $100 savings deposit.

All you have to do is make a $25 deposit in your Goal Club Youth Savings Account during the month of April and you’ll be entered to win.

Ways to Save
  • Open your very own Goal Club Youth Savings Account at Carolina Trust
  • Take on extra chores like dog walking, yard work, babysitting, or selling homemade crafts
  • Consider selling old toys, games, and clothes you’ve outgrown
Coloring Pages

Click the button below to print off coloring pages with this year’s CUNA Youth Month theme.

Print Coloring Page

Story Time Videos

Save It!

Spend It!

Give It!

Sloth and Squirrel in a Pickle

The Know-Nonsense Guide to Money

Chapter 1: What is Money

Chapter 2: Earning

Chapter 3: Saving

Chapter 4: Spending

Chapter 5: Borrowing

Youth Financial Literacy Blogs
Teaching Kids About Credit: Library Book Comparison

Teaching Kids About Credit: Library Book Comparison

In this blog post, I will try to explain the concept of credit by comparing it to a library book. If you’re not already a cardholder at our public library, now is an excellent time to become one. Not only will your child get to do a bit more reading, but you can use the experience to explain the concept of credit.

Financial Literacy Activities

Coin Shading and Matching

Coin Caterpillars

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