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Savings accounts for ages 0 to 17.

Goal Club helps kids and teens learn financial responsibility by making saving fun.

Like a piggy bank but better.

Sure, your piggy bank keeps your money safe. But does it also tell you fun facts about money management, teach you smart savings habits and help your savings grow? Ours does! Goal Club is a fun way to save for the future and learn skills that will prepare you for financial independence.

  • Free gift when you open your account
  • $25 required minimum balance
  • No monthly fees *
  • Convenient deposit and transfer access for parents
  • Option to sign up for free eAlerts and eStatements24/7 account access through online and mobile banking

Help your child save for the future and learn good money habits from an early age with financial education resources designed for ages 9 and under.

Learn about saving, spending and earning money at the Early Bird Savings website.

Being in the double digits means you’re not a little kid any more, but you’re not quite in big kid territory yet. If you’re between the ages of 10 and 13, we’ve got special activities and resources just for you.

Visit the iCount website to learn about earning, budgeting, saving and spending.

Getting your first job? Ready to start using a debit or credit card? Want to save for your own car? You’ve come to the right place! Having a Goal Club Savings Account makes you eligible for a Goal Club Checking Account at age 14 and Goal Club Credit Card at age 16 *.

Get woke to managing your money, understanding credit and real life money skills at our young adult website.

We put the “earn” in “learn.”

While you learn the basics of saving for the future, you’ll also earn money called dividends. It’s kind of like your savings account getting a special monthly allowance just for being here.

Required Minimum BalanceRate

Join Goal Club

Ready to start saving? You can join the Goal Club with three easy steps!

  1. You and your parent will need to complete a membership application. A parent or guardian must co-sign on any minor account (younger than 18).
  2. Bring the completed application form to a Carolina Trust branch so we can set up your account and give you your free gift.
  3. Open your account with a $25 minimum deposit and a $5 lifetime membership fee. The $25 minimum balance is your money and stays in your account to help you earn dividends.

*Savings accounts are subject to an excessive withdrawal fee of $2 per withdrawal if more than four withdrawals are made during a calendar month. Please note: All savings account withdrawals are subject to Federal Regulation D guidelines. Also, please read the Credit Union’s Inactive Account Policy as it pertains to accounts that do not receive a transaction within 12 consecutive months. Credit limit of $300 with parent co-signer.

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