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Keep your identity from falling into the wrong hands.

Identity and cyber theft are the fastest growing crimes in the country. As we find ourselves immersed in automated technology, it’s becoming easier for identity thieves to get your personal information. Carolina Trust recommends solutions that help prevent and remedy ID Theft through ID Protect powered by EZShield and Deluxe Provent*.

What we offer:

  • EZShield End2End Defense
    a 32-step plan that’s designed to discover, isolate and prevent future fraud.
  • Online Identity Vault
    An encrypted and password protected website that stores sensitive documents and information like credit card details, passwords, and ID’s.
  • Live support
    24/7 certified Fraud Resolution Specialists
  • Ongoing monitoring
    We’ll scan the Dark Web, credit reports and scores, name and address and public records for your personal data.

Enroll in your preferred ID theft protection package today!

You’ll have peace of mind with these comprehensive solutions. You’ll get all of EZShield’s best features like End2End Defense and the Online Identity Vault for a low monthly fee.

ID ProtectID Protect Plus
For individual identity restoration plus cyber monitoringMore enhanced protection for individuals
$4.49 / month$5.99 / month
24/7 Supportxx
Black Market ScanOne Time Scanx
EZShield's End2End Defensexx
Online Identity Vaultxx
Internet Monitoringxx
Credit Monitoringx
Enroll Now Enroll Now

Get protection for the whole family. You’ll get all the same features as an individual plan with Family Restoration coverage for a spouse and children under the age of 21 or full time students 25 years or younger.

ID Protect Plus for 2ID Protect Platinum
Same robust coverage as an individual plan, but with Family Identity ProtectionMost comprehensive and robust monitoring coverage available
$8.49 / month$9.99 / month
24/7 Supportxx
Black Market Scanxx
EZShield's End2End Defensexx
Online Identity Vaultxx
Internet Monitoringxx
Credit Monitoringx
Credit Score1 quarterly Credit Score
Public Records Monitoringx
Name and Address Monitoringx
Enroll NowEnroll Now
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