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By now you may have heard of, or even been impacted by, the global shortage of semiconductor microchips/EMV chips .  Many industries have been impacted, including the automobile industry.  This global shortage continues to disrupt services across our country.  It has now directly impacted the production and receipt of our debit and credit cards.  The same chip technology used in other industries are located within each plastic card.

Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union is experiencing a delay in processing in both Debit and Credit Card production that is now affecting our members.   The supply chain issue is resulting in the delay of processing and mailing of expiring cards.  We also have disrupted delivery of our instant issue debit cards, so supply is very limited and sporadic.

We are reaching out to those cards expiring but if you need a replacement card there may be a significant delay.

Is there anything I can do to access my account(s) / money until I receive my new card?

Yes! Members can still access their accounts via:

  • CTFCU online banking
  • The mobile app

Some additional ways you can still make purchases and payments without your debit or credit card:

  • Utilize CTFCU bill payment service – pay bills via your checking account.
  • If you have another type of CTFCU card, utilize that temporarily.
  • Use checks if you have them.
  • If you don’t have checks, request temporary checks. Please note that not all retailers may accept these so check their policies before going to the store.
  • Person-to-person transfer in online and mobile banking –

When will I receive my new card?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date on when this issue will be resolved. The cards are being mailed via USPS as soon as they are available.

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