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Featured Image Of Rhett Graham

April 2019 Caroliner

“Teal Nation” is a familiar motto that can often be heard around the Coastal Carolina University Campus. It’s the name that many students and alumni use to refer to the CCU Family. Because of our great working relationship with CCU’s…

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Featured Image Of The Boulavsky Family

March 2019 Caroliner

Losing your family home to a house fire is one of the most tragic events you can experience. Having this happen to your family twice is beyond the scope of imagining for most of us. Yet the Boulavsky family has…

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Featured Image Of Roosevelt Scott

February 2019 Caroliner

Roosevelt Scott is the founder and owner of the popular Scott’s BBQ Restaurant (2734 Hemingway Hwy) in Hemingway, SC. He’s a pillar of the community and has been a member of Carolina Trust for more than 30 years.  Scott was…

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